Scout Camp 2002

Saturday 27-3 August 2002

View from site

Saltney Ferry Scouts held its annual week camp at Pant-Phyllip farm in Arthog, on the outskirts of Barmouth. The camp cost 50, which includes food, transport, and visits. This year thirteen Scouts went, and four leaders. During the week a number of activities were carried out including bivvy building and sleeping, swimming, crab fishing, hike, visits to Shell Island and Centre for Alternative Technology. We also held an Investiture in the sea, for a Scout and an Explorer Scout. Below you can see a number of pictures taken during the camp.

One patrol setting up the fire Backwards cooking Peeling the spuds

Cutting the wood

Throughout the camp the Scouts cooked on open fires, and learnt how to light fires, prepare food, and cook backwards style. Backwards cooking is cooking without utensils. This time the lads cooked kebabs, and spud eggs. The pictures shown show the Scouts preparing the fire, cooking kebabs, peeling the spuds, and cutting wood.

Scouts Own

On Sunday a 'Scouts Own' was held. This is a service held in camp. Our service was just 30 minutes, and allowed us to remember two special leaders, John Heady and Mike Meredith who passed away a number of years ago at this time of year.

Scouts on Barmouth bridge with site in background

Some Scouts cross it slowly Whilst others Scout just go straight in! Scouts unsure which way to go Chip feast

Barmouth View

A hike was held on Sunday. The hike followed the stream above our campsite, and involved the lads crossing the stream. Obviously an opportunity for them to enter the stream, and get wet once more. The stream was then followed to the estuary, and then the Mawdach Trail was taken to the Faribourne/Barmouth railway bridge. The footpath alongside the bridge was used, and the toll paid at the Barmouth end. Once at Barmouth thew lads entered the sea, and flew kites. The beach at Barmouth was excellent, and it was enjoyed by all. Whilst at Barmouth we had some chips, then returned over the railway bridge. The pictures above show the campsite in relation to Barmouth Railway bridge, the Scouts crossing the stream, Barmouth chip feast, and the view from Barmouth over the sands.

Centre for Alternative Technology

On Tuesday we visited the Centre for Alternative Technology, on the outskirts of Machynlleth. We spent approximately three hours there, learning about efficient power, and how things effect the environment.

Water driven Train

Inside the water train

At first you are taken up to the centre using a water driven train.

Adventure Playground Bus Driving

The Scouts trying to run over a leader!

Part of the trail includes an adventure play area, and a road layout. At which the lads enjoyed messing about in the bus.

Two Scouts find there ideal home, pity about the Bees!

Within the Centre is a garden area, where lots of food is growing. Also a beehive that the Scouts had a good look at.

Scouts feeding the goat

A small farm is also within the grounds where Scouts can feed the goat. (No not the PL's in this case!)

For some Scouts the trip had a big effect! Windmill lift

Scouts pictured in the funny photo board, and on the wind powered chair lift.

One Scout was not enough to do it But three was easy! Scouts creating wave power

Finally the Scouts tried a bit of wave power. Creating a wave to light a bulb.


On Wednesday we visited the Harlech area. Visiting a beach near Harlech, the Swimming Pool, and Shell Island.

         Scouts making there promise New Scouts saluting the Troop   Messing about in the sea Some Scouts we could not get out!

Whilst we were there we held an Investiture for a Scout and Explorer Scout. The ceremony was held in the sea, and was enjoyed by most of the Scouts. After which it was rather difficult to get some of them out.

     The Maiting Crabs One successfull catch Playing with the Crabs The Group of Crab fisherman 

The day was ended Crab fishing on Shell Island.

             Some found the day too much!

For some the whole day was far too exhausting!


 Campfire singing More singers Supper Campfire fun 

A big part of Saltney Ferry camps are campfires. We have our own book with approximately 250 songs in, and the Scouts really do get involved. After the campfire the Scouts have a drink, and go to sleep. This years campers were excellent, and some young Scouts fell really put all there energy into it.

Survival Shelters

A shelter made by the older lads Some shelters were not successfull One man shelter(just!)

 Two man shelter An excellent 4 man shelter

 A shelter made by the four youngest members The youngsters shelter Best of mates  By far the best shelter 

During the week the Scouts made shelters. In which two Scouts spent three nights. Nearly all the lads spent one night in a bivvy, and some slept in a survival bag. The bivouacs were made of ferns and sticks.

Other photos

Scout Thumbs Up Get that tongue in! Some were always smilling Scout admiring the view

Reading prayer Scout picture A sensible moment from the smiler Deep in thought

One of our leaders A Cub who joined our Camp Ginger Nut! A younger Scout

Individual members photo's.

Rope challenge

Two younger Scouts take on the rope challenge.

The Nutty View picture

A final nutty moment from the Scouts.


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