Chester Fire Station Visit

Monday 9th February 2004

Saltney Ferry Cub Scouts visited Chester Fire Station on Monday 9th February. Eleven Cub Scouts went, along with three Leaders. Everyone was given a complete tour of the Fire Station, and had a chance to ask questions and be a fireman for the night! The tour was very kindly conducted by Chis McHugh and Paul. Below are some pictures taken during our visit:

Group inside the Fire Engine Being shown the navigation system

Pictures taken inside the Fire Engine

Our yongest fire officer Fireman ??? At last we have found the one who fits the hat! Paul demonstrating the Chemical Suite

Trying on the clothing.

Showing equipment on board the Fire Engine Explaining the hoses

Tour of one of the main Fire Engines

The Three Amigo's

Posing for the camera. Well eventually anyway!

Breathing Apparatus Breathing Apparatus

Demonstration of the breathing apparatus.

The Four Wheel Drive Engine

Touring the truck.

Getting into the car The ladder It looked high!

Cub Scouts shown how fireman get into crushed cars, and the 100ft high ladder.

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