Scout District Camp

 Friday 2nd - 4th November 2007

A total of 2 Leaders, 8 Explorers, and 16 Scouts attended this years Flintshire District Camp. A massive turnout from the group, considering the time of year and it being such an active time. The camp was held at Gladstone, and about 5 groups attended.

The camp this year was total fun, with Scouts doing abseiling, aerial runway, halloween games, a huge firework display, big ball pushing, crate stacking, and loads of other things. Our Scouts had an excellent time, and I could not have wished for a better group to take away!

Thanks also to the Explorers, who have a go at some things but were a very big help. The best District Camp in years, and please other groups get there next year!

Finally a very special mention to a Scout being invested on the abseil tower. Well done young Mr Williams you did really well!

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