Snowdon Climb and Wild Camp

Explorers and older Scouts

17th/18th July 2004

Group pictured at summit of Snowdon

Saltney Ferry Explorers and the older Scouts completed a sponsored hike on the 17th/18th July 2004. It was carried out over the mountain of Snowdon, going via the Llanberis and Pyg Tracks. The boys aged from 13 to 16 all completed the journey, and even the leaders lasted the pace! Each member carried a full kit, which included a tent (just in case survival bags could not be used). However we were too shattered to put the tents up, so we camped in survival bags anyway! The weather started off well, but quickly went cloudy and wet. However Sunday was brilliant, and worth all the effort. Every person did brilliantly, and were superb throughout the weekend. A report of the event can be found below:

Start of walk at Llanberis

The walk started at Llanberis, with a rather energetic bunch. But with huge bags on there backs things would soon change!

Joining the Llanberis path

Eventually we join the Llanberis path. The sign in the background points to the summit.

Sunny before the cloud came The first station was achieved on the Llanberis path

Admiring the view Scout and Explorer pictured with a cloudy Snowdon in background It would have been a lot easier by train!

The Llanberis path is a steady climb, which runs alongside the railway. Early on the weather was good, but unfortunately the cloud came down.

Where has the edge gone? By this time it was also quite wet!

We reach Clogwyn Station

The cloud and rain eventually came, but they still carried on.

Finally we reach the summit station At last I made it! Honest he was happy later!

At last we reach Snowdon Summit Station, but rather wet, tired, and hungry!

Snowdon Summit in the wet!

Finally reached the summit. Looking at all the mountains on the dial.

Two Scouts about to cook food The first two finally get a meal

The Explorer Flame Thrower, well actually Dans petrol stove!

At last we can make some WARM food!

Kite flying! It was cold! It might have been wet, but we were still warm.

Waking after a g?o?o?d? nights sleep! At last he was caught on camera

Although we had tents, we decided to spend the night in Survival bags. It was actually quite a challenge getting in them, with quite a strong wind. But eventually we got in them, and actually got some sleep!

At last a break in the clouds Sun starting to break

Some pictures taken during the night, it did stay quite bright for most of it.

Can you guess who it is?

The lengths some Explorers go to to keep off camera!

 Explorer admiring the view

Admiring the views, in the very early hours of the morning.

 The Thief!

In the early hours of the morning we were joined by the seagulls and sheep. This seagull even tried to take our pans!

If looks could kill! At last they wake

Waking in the early hours of the morning on the summit of Snowdon.

The morning view

Some lovely views in the morning.

Breakfast time

Breakfast cooked once again on some small stoves.

Snowdon Summit before we left

Snowdon Summit

Waiting for the shop and toilets to open

We went in the shop, and then started our downwards journey.

Junction to the Pyg Track I was there honest!

We now start our descent down the Pyg Track.

Snowdon Summit view

The view of the summit from the Pyg Track.

At last going down hill! One of the lakes on our descent

Descending via the Pyg Track you see many lakes, but you can only get alongside them by following the Miners Track.

The final path junction The view by the start of Crib Goch It was very tiring

A number of pictures taken near the start of the Crib Goch path.

Final stretch At last we are almost there

The final stretch, approaching Pen-y-pass.

At last we reach Pen-y-pass but it was hard

At last we reach Pen-y-pass!

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