Team X - Miskin Weekend

 Friday 2nd/4th March 2007

With the departure of Moz as Welsh Explorer Scout Commissioner, this weekend was run by commissioners from in the local area. As for the camp it was fun and different as we completed our young leader modules in a new and exciting way. I mean, have you ever done a blindfold trail being guided by someone far away with a walkie talkie and a pair of binoculars?

In teams we completed a number of similar challenges throughout the weekend, the hardest quite possibly cooking tea for 40 people on a table in a hall. Our team got the easy job, if I'm honest. All we had to do was place the meat on the baking tray, then it was passed to the cooks to work their magic.

For the few times when we where not training we spent catching up and laughing with our friends from across Wales. My only complaint about the weekend would be the very lousy wet weather. Although we received a break in the wet to watch the final stages of the 'Blood Moon' lunar eclipse, which could have been a very romantic scene from a film - just with added mud and smell! Ah, we love it really.

Report by Luke

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