Stock Car Racing in Buxton

Monday 7th May 2001

Saltney Ferry Scouts and Cub Scouts once again went to the Stock Car racing at the HI-EDGE Stock Car Raceway at Buxton. A total of five adults and nineteen children attended, and they all seamed to enjoy it. Special thanks go to the parents who helped out with this event, and to the Cubs and Scouts who were extremely well behaved. We charged 4.00 for under 14 year olds, 5.00 for 14 to 16 year olds, and 7.00 for adults. Racing lasted from 1:00pm until 7:00pm, with the final race being the Caravan Race. Pictures of some of the races can be found below:

Bangers before racing! Bangers during racing! and definately BANGERS AFTER RACING!

Banger racing always seams to be popular with the spectators. With plenty of crashes and cars which you can't work out how they are still going. During racing this year one car did a complete somersault, and how the final car in the picture still drove, I do not know!

Caravan fit for your holidays! Caravan during the first lap. After a couple of laps there wasn't many caravans left So they decided to wreck the cars instead!

Caravan Racing was the very last race. I can understand why after the mess that was skattered around the track. The race was well worth the wait, although I don't think caravans are built for racing.

Rockirods prior to racing

During the day there was some normal racing, including Formula 2 Stock Cars and Rockirods.

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Buxton Raceway:

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