Nant-y-ffrith Cave Hike

4th/5th July 2003

Lighting up the cave Sleeping area after clearing up Entrance to cave

Saltney Ferry Explorers went on an overnight hike from Ffrith to Nant-y-ffrith on Friday 4th July. Starting off immediately after the normal Group meeting, we set off for Ffrith. The cave sleeping location was kept a secret, with only leaders and parents knowing they were sleeping in a cave. Although a short walk, the climb from Ffrith was a very steady up hill. Which although short still had some gasping for their breath, or fag in the case of some!

We eventually arrived at the cave at 12:15 am, and the Explorers set up the sleeping areas. The cave was massive, with plenty of areas to choose from. Candles were extremely useful, as torches were a waste of time. It would have been a nice place to sleep, if a hurican had not arrived in the night!(oh no it was someone snoring!)

Overall the Explorers seamed to enjoy the event, and it will be one we do again in the future. Although next time I will bring ear plugs!