Golden Jubilee Camp at Gladstone

Friday 20th September 2002

On Friday 20th September, Saltney Ferry Cub Scouts attended the Clwyd Area County Golden Jubilee Camp, at Gladstone Training Centre in Hawarden. Nine Cub Scouts from Saltney Ferry attended the camp, along with 2 leaders, an Explorer Scout, a helper, and a younger brother(who looks much older than he is!!!). Many thanks to Dave and Dan who helped during the weekend, it was much appreciated.

The weekend was held to commemorate the Queens Golden Jubilee, and was attended by a large number of Cub Scouts from the Wrexham and Flintshire Districts. During the weekend a large number of activities were arranged, pictures of some of the activities can be seen below.

Friday 20th September

Lighting the camp fire

The weekend started with the Grand Howl, and later a camp fire. After the camp fire, the Cub Scouts went back to the sites, and had some supper. We then tried to get some sleep, but it was difficult when it sounded like you were camped in the centre lane of the M1! I did think about closing off the road at one point with all the cones we had, in the hope of getting to sleep.

Saturday 21st September

The next day proved to be quite an eventful day. With the Cub Scouts trying out a number of bases set out by various groups.

Collecting the balls Flying through the air Little and large, walking and crawling

The base we arranged was Bungee Collection. The idea was to collect Golden Balls from the top of the cones quicker than your partner. the first one collecting seven balls was the winner. But we did add another few complications. i.e. you were fastened to a bungee, and you had to go across a very slippy groundsheet. However over five hours the base ran, with not one accident, and plenty of fun. The pictures above show Cub Scouts collecting balls, flying through the air, and crawling.

Abseiling Close up Abseiling down tower

Waving whilst abseiling was not very easy Some were just masters!

Even some little 8 year olds managed it

Another popular activity was the abseiling. Abseiling is a great leveller, with some younger lads doing it whilst other big lads did not even try. Unfortunately I was not there to see this activity, but we got some photo's anyway.

Golden Jubilee Badge Lovely Popcorn(well may be not so lovely!)

Cub Scouts even tried making badges, and popcorn(I think!!!).

A Younger Brother trying the horseshoe throwing Horseshoe throwing

Blindfold Challenge Blindfold Challenge again

don't you think the green suites him! Hunting for treasure

Elastic Band Shooters

Other Fun Day activities included Horseshoe Throwing, Treasure Hunt, Blindfold Challenge, and Elastic Band Shooters.

Gerbils in action

Saturday was ended with a big game of Cat and Mouse, followed by entertainment in the big tent. why our Cub Scouts acted like Gerbils I will never know, but that's our older lads for you!

Sunday 22nd September

Investiture Cub Scout Promise Completion of Investiture

Sunday was started with an investiture of a new Cub Scout in our group. An Investiture at camp is always a nice occasion, and it is far better than holding it at the headquarters. The Commonwealth Games were then held, with a number of challenges. My group were the South African team, and we were joined by a team from Botswana. Well not actually! mine were really from Saltney Ferry, Moss, and Flint.

The activity they seamed to enjoy the most was wrestling. Starting with exercises, and then having a tournament.

 Exercising routine 1 Exercising routine 2 Press ups Final exercise The Botswana team ready for action

Pictured are members of the South African and Botswana teams doing exercises, and getting ready for action.

By far the hardest tournament Two big wrestling Cub Scouts

Probably the smallest wrestlers Some cub Scouts said they would win nothing, but proved themselves wrong! 

A very even tournament, but in the end our Cub Scout won Action shot 1 Action Shot 2

The wrestling tournament then began.

Blindfold Trail Sergeant Jump

Other new Commonwealth competitions included the Blindfold Trail, and the Sergeant Jump.

one of our quickest skiers One of our smallest skiers A skier from FlintOur new recruit A skier from Moss

Unfortunately snow did not fall on Gladstone, so we had to improvise with the skiing!

One of our Cub Scouts in action Our youngest Cub Scout in actionThe shooter was almost as big as him

Although a lot more events were held, the last one pictured is the shooting (water pistols of course!)

Champion Skier(I think!) Champion Welly thrower

The events were completed with the medal ceremony. In which we had two Gold Medalists.

One of the medalists

Although a picture of a Cub Scout from another Group, this to me said what the weekend was about. A Cub Scout having a thoroughly good time!

The Addams Family! Honey Monster pictured in the middle!

and Kojak!

Finally I would like to end a brilliant weekend, by showing you some of the celebrities who joined us on our weekend. These included the Addams Family, the Honey Monster, and Kojak!

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