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  1. Where are Saltney Ferry Explorers?

Saltney Ferry Explorers meet at Bradshaw Avenue Scout and Guide headquarters in Saltney Ferry. Saltney Ferry can be found on the outskirts of Chester, and is situated in Flintshire in North Wales.

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  1. Who can join the section?

Explorers cater for young adults between the ages of 14 and 18 years.

  1. What do Explorers do?

Explorers is a new section in Scouting. The activities are similar to Scouts, but a lot more adventurous. There is a close link between Explorers and the other sections, allowing Explorers to become Young Leaders in the other sections. Explorers have a weekly programme, and lots of weekend activities. Taking part in lots of camps, hikes, climbing, visits, 10 pin bowling, in fact whatever they can think of! At Saltney Ferry we hold a lot of combined Scout and Explorer activities, allowing Explorers a greater choice of activities to take part in.

  1. When do Explorers meet?

Saltney Ferry Explorers meet on Thursday evenings. This is when the section holds its regular meetings, although as you can see from the website, there are lots of other activities arranged on other days.

  1. How much does Explorers cost?

Meetings cost £2 per week.

  1. Do I need a uniform?

At first you will not require a uniform, and you will be given time to decide on whether you like Explorers. Eventually we hope you enjoy yourself, and decide to buy a shirt. The shirt costs £17, and the neckerchiefs £4.50.

  1. How do I find out more?

Ring Rob on 01244 682878 or email on rob@saltneyferryscouts.org.uk

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Saltney Ferry scout group based at Bradshaw Avenue, Saltney Ferry, Flintshire, North Wales
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